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Be a cowboy for an hour or a day!

Live your childhood dreams with us!
Enjoy miles of scenic, secluded mountain trails through Rocky Mountain
National Park or Roosevelt National Forest. Each selected to offer you a
true mountain experience. Take a short ride and enjoy the spectacular
panoramic views of the snowcapped Continental Divide or view the results
of nature along Fall River through Horseshoe Park.

Join us and enjoy our genuine Western hospitality where
you will find:

Friendly, knowledgeable guides to
assist all ages and abilities

Beautiful, well-kept horses to match
your riding ability

Leisure-paced, safe, scenic rides

Quality equipment, rain gear and saddlebags

A favorite among families and groups!

40 years experience!!!

For the adventurous spirit, or the nostalgic amble, enjoy miles of scenic mountain trails in the Rocky Mountain National Park, or a true mountain experience within the Roosevelt National Forest, there is plenty to offer!


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    Call to Reserve Your Ride : 970-586-5890
    Ride Schedule:

    1-Hour into Roosevelt Nat'l Forest (Departs hourly 8am-5pm ):: $48
    1.5-Hours into Roosevelt Nat'l Forest (Departs hourly 8am-5pm):: $55
    2-Hours up Giant Track Mountain (Departs hourly 8am-5pm) :: $60
    3-Hours up to the Saddle of Giant Track Mountain & Rams Horn :: $80
    4-Hours to the summit of Rams Horn at 8am or 1pm :: $90
    Loop Extended Half Day (7-Hours) to Cub Lake at 8am:: $170
    Loop Full Day (9-hour) to Fern Lake at 8am :: $230
    Ponies for the Li'l Cowpokes
    30 Minutes around Glacier Lodge :: $25
    10 Minutes around Glacier Lodge :: $15

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    Call to Reserve Your Ride : 970-586-5269
    Ride Schedule:

    2-Hours through Little Horseshoe Park (Departs hourly 8am-5pm) :: $60
    Half Day (4 hours) to Endo Valley at 8am or 1pm :: $90
    Extended Half Day (6-Hours) up Deer Mountain at 8am :: $130
    Full Day (8-hour) to Ypsilon Lake via Roaring River at 8am :: $200
    Full Day (9-hour) to Lawn Lake via Roaring River at 8am :: $230

    2-Hour Dinner Ride - Discount at Trailhead Restaurant (Departs at 4pm & 430pm) :: $50
    Ponies for the Li'l Cowpokes
    30 Minutes around nearby trails:: $25
    10 Minutes around the nearby trails:: $15