Overnight Rides in the Rocky Mountains

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Frequently Asked Questions...Things You Need to Know!

What Should I Wear?

  • Long pants, closed toed shoes, and bring a sweatshirt or jacket to layer JUST IN CASE it gets windy or cool

Should I Bring Anything For My Ride?

  • Bring a bottle of water! We can tie this onto your saddle so you can be hydrated during your ride!
  • For a 4 hour ride or longer, bring snacks or a small meal. We'll pack this into a saddle bag for you to bring with you
  • You may want to bring a hat

Are there any limits on age or weight?

  • You must be 4 years old to ride on a big horse
  • There is NO double riding allowed
  • Weight limit is 280 lbs. at National Park Gateway and 250 lbs. at Cowpoke Corner.
  • Kids MUST be under 50lbs to ride a pony

What if the weather is bad?

  • Rain slickers are provided. We ride rain or shine.

Are helmets available?

  • Yes

Do we need reservations?

  • We strongly recommend them. We also need reservations for 4 hour rides or longer to prepare your horses for the ride.

What is your cancellation policy?

  • We prefer the sooner the better. For any ride under 2 hours, we require at least 2 hours notice prior to your ride time. Anything over 4 hour rides, we require AT LEAST 24-hours in advance.
  • If you are a larger group of 8 or more, we require AT LEAST 4 hours prior to your ride time to make changes to your group whether it is a cancellation, addition or subtraction of riders to your group