Overnight Rides in the Rocky Mountains

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Code of the West


Excerpt from a book by James P. Owen, Cowboy Ethics ? What Wall Street Can Learn from the Code of the West (2004, published by Stoecklein Publishing & Photography, ISBN 1-931153-95-7). Excellent book with fantastic photography?highly recommended. ? Karl Snyder ?Web Wrangler.

From Louis L'amour book "The Outlaws of the Mesquite", page 123, June 1960..

"One of the things you didn't do in the west was bother a woman. It rarely happened.

"Women were scarce and valued accordingly. A lot of men grew up reading the novels of Sir Walter Scott and they adopted the author's notion of chivalry. There are many, many accounts in diaries and elsewhere of women traveling back and forth across the West alone and never being disturbed in the least.

"If a woman got off a stage at a stage-stop to get something to eat, and a man did not get up to give her a place at the table, somebody else knocked him off the seat so she could be seated. You couldn't even bump into a woman walking in the street without somebody knocking you into the ground for it.

"Women were treated with great respect and this was universal all over the frontier. It was one thing you didn't transgress."